Wakatobi Dive Resort

IDM looked after Wakatobi’s sales, guest relations and business development from Dec 2010 to Dec 2018 for the Australia,  New Zealand, Hong Kong and Singapore markets.

Wakatobi, Southeast Sulawesi, Indonesia

Wakatobi Resort’s grand villas and bungalows, nestled into verdant landscaping along a white sand beach, are the perfect blend of natural beauty and five-star amenities and are just steps away from some of the planet’s most productive and pristine reefs and coastal shallows.  The islands of Eastern Indonesia are surrounded by some of the most bio-diverse coral reefs on  the planet. This region, known as the “coral triangle,” is home to more than 450 varieties of hard and soft corals, 3,000-plus species of fish and several thousand more types of invertebrate animals.

The resort was founded with the vision to deliver the ultimate dive experience. The location was created following an extensive search to identify the perfect site for a dive resort in terms of geography, climate, oceanic topography and marine biodiversity. To ensure its future, Wakatobi’s founders created the world’s largest private protected marine park.

The local village and surrounding communities have enthusiastically adopted the conservation plan and as a result, illegal fishing, reef walking and other activities detrimental to the coral reef have been halted. A portion of Wakatobi’s guest revenues are given to the local community to maintain and support a sustainable lifestyle that fosters stewardship and respect for the coral reef ecosystem.

Wakatobi offers the underwater explorer a variety of undersea topography, ranging from dramatic drop offs, breathtaking coral gardens, pinnacles and sea mounts, home to creatures great and small.

Wakatobi’s famed House Reef offers convenient and stunning snorkeling and diving.  Guests can venture further afield to enjoy exploring Wakatobi’s warm waters by joining diving or snorkel excursions daily aboard a fleet of comfortable, spacious boats, to more than 45 exclusive dive sites close to the resort.

Pelagian, Wakatobi’s liveaboard yacht, cruises to sites in the Tukang Besi archipelago where no other dive operation ventures. Guests enjoy an intimate atmosphere with the personalized service and exclusive amenities of a world-class motoryacht.

With just ten guests served by an experienced international crew of 12, including a master chef, Pelagian offers a setting that is upscale and intimate. The crew is able to provide each guest with appropriate attention, no matter if they are a first-time cruiser and snorkeler, or a seasoned dive traveler who appreciates value and excellence.

Cruise itineraries are built around guests’ preferences, generally with four dives daily, including night dives. Each is a rewarding experience – from the Mandarinfish at Magic Pier to the shrimp breeding grounds of Cheeky Beach at Pasar Wajo to the seamounts  at Karang Kaledupa.

For the best of both worlds, guests often combine a Pelagian cruise with a stay at Wakatobi Dive Resort.

At 36 meters / 115 feet in length, but carrying a maximum of just ten guests, Pelagian offers more space per guest than any dive yacht of its kind.

Getting to Wakatobi

The area commonly known as Wakatobi lies within the Tukang Besi island group, in Indonesia’s Southeastern Sulawesi region. The title Wakatobi is an acronym derived from the  first two letters in the names of the group’s four major islands:  Wangi Wangi, Kaledupa, Tomia and Binongko.

Direct charter flights, twice a week from Bali to Wakatobi’s private airstrip on Tomia Island provide the most convenient and time-efficient way to reach the resort.

For more information please visit www.wakatobi.com